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We are part-time game developers from Akaa, Finland, known as Westsloth Oy in Finnish trade register.
We are on our way to learn how to make great games! Check our offering from Westsloth Oy pages! (in Finnish)

Tower Rescue Hero

Use swinging ladders to climb higher and higher and save as many victims as possible!

Laser Dodger

Laser Dodger is a fun and entertaining hyper casual game, in which you should collect seeds and dodge lasers as long as possible.

Speed Tapping Game

Do you think you are fast and accurate? Let's find it out with this little Speed Tapping Game! This is second of our two reaction training games.

Reaction Training Game

This Reaction Training Game improves your reaction time. The game is simply to make correct choises quickly.

Flamingo Run

Flamingo Tap Tap Run is an endless runner with simple controls and minimal visual outlook. Total of eight playable characters and new cool minigame for daily rewards!

Rocket Orbit

The best hyper-casual Rocket Orbit game in endless space! How many planets can you conquer in Rocket Orbit game?


Madmath is a fun educational mathematics game that puts your mental calculation skills to test.

Ball Twister

Ball Twister is a simple hyper-casual game, where two balls (red and blue) speed in an endless landscape. You must keep them in control with simple tap and hold gameplay.

Rocket to Uranus!

Hop from planet to planet in this hyper-casual androidgame, or die trying!


Bananamarine is an exciting tap and hold arcade adventure. Start your fun endless yellow submarine journey here!
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