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We are part-time game developers from Finland, known as Westsloth Oy in Finnish trade register.

On our way to learn how to make great games.
Check our offering from Westsloth Oy pages! (in Finnish)

Flamingo Run

Flamingo Tap Tap Run is a game where you control cute flamingo using simple Tap Tap controls. Collect as many shrimps as you can. Do not hit the bombs!

Ball Twister

Ball Twister is a simple hyper-casual game, where two balls (red and blue) speed in an endless landscape. You must keep them in control with simple tap and hold gameplay.

Rocket to Uranus!

Hop from planet to planet in this hyper-casual androidgame, or die trying!


Bananamarine is an exciting tap and hold arcade adventure. Start your fun endless yellow submarine journey here!